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The purchase or sale of your home is an exciting time, requiring your focus and efforts to be dedicated to packing, moving, painting, decorating, or maybe your kids starting at a new school. Let us deliver peace of mind regarding your legal needs! Here at Gobran Law, we alleviate the complexities of a real estate transaction and help you make sense of the details so that you are informed at each step of the process.

At Gobran Law, it’s your lawyer, not a clerk, who reviews your documents, completes the title search, reports to you and meets with you before closing.

We’ve even searched far and wide and can provide you with the contact information of our preferred real estate agents and mortgage brokers to make your search for your perfect home or sale easier.

Relax and enjoy the experience of buying or selling your home. Let your biggest worry be your paint colors, leave the legalities to us!

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