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Toronto Small Business Law

At Gobran Law, we listen to your business needs, communicate clearly with an unmatched RESPONSIVEness, focus our time on issues significant to your particular business because we genuinely care about your needs, fueling your high hopes and unbridled enthusiasm, helping you get RESULTS. We provide you with competitive fees and provide you with forward looking advice, making sure your deal is our top priority.

If you are starting up a business - congratulations on taking the leap! At Gobran Law, we help you, the entrepreneur, start your business from the ground up and we are there to watch you grow and succeed, and provide you with TRUSTed legal advice.

If you own an established business, we are there to guide you and offer you a range of services such as employee contract drafting, liquor licensing applications, and commercial leases, to name a few.

We will help you avoid common pitfalls and landmines and make sure you focus on the most important issues for your deal and protect your business. We will also provide you with complimentary information for entrepreneurs.

So, if you're an entrepreneur needing legal advice on a contract, or you have a legal situation you're dealing with and you'd like to work with a law firm that is different from some of the others out there, check out our website and then give us a call to discuss your needs. Business ownership can be both a challenging but rewarding world of entrepreneurship. Let us, at Gobran Law tackle the legal challenges on your behalf.

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