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“What is litigation?” you ask. Generally speaking, litigation involves one individual or corporation suing another. The purpose of a lawsuit is to remedy an injustice or to enforce a right. In most matters, the parties involved in a lawsuit may represent themselves. However, retaining the services of Gobran Law is a wise choice, as litigation may involve challenging and complicated legal procedures. Gobran Law aims to resolve your litigation matters efficiently and in a cost effective manner. We have handled simple and complex matters for various clients and appeared in Small Claims Court, Motions Court, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

At Gobran Law, we listen to your concerns, formulate a strategy and execute diligently, all while keeping you informed every step of the process. We are RESULTS focused and that’s a reputation we plan to uphold..

Whether you have been involved in a car accident and need someone to represent your personal injury needs, your business needs to initiate or defend a claim, you are a landlord or tenant and your rights need protecting, your good reputation has been destroyed by false rumors and you have been defamed, or find yourself amongst other litigation Gobran Law is here to help.

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